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Swirl Killer Coffee

Swirl Killer Coffee


Double Black Swirl Killer has been selected to be the coffee of choice for professional detailers. A unique blend of intense dark roasted beens are selected for Swirl Killer. Bob Phillips is an avid cyclists and spent many hours on the bike with his good friend Mark Micheletti. Mark Micheletti provided the coffee on many of their 300 plus mile adventures and the select coffee became the in-house coffee at P&S Detail Products. Bob contacted his friend Mark and said could we make a special coffee for the detail industry. Mark was thrilled at the opportunity of sharing his passion for coffee. Mark Micheletti has been roasting coffee for over 30 years and hand picks select lots of coffee for Swirl Killer. Only the beans that meet his high standards are used to ensure that the coffee we bring to you consistently provides a superior taste experience. Nothing like a little Swirl Killer to start your day of professional detailing!

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