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Golden Gate North

Slick Quick Detailer

Slick Quick Detailer

SLICK is a silica-based quick detailer sealant packed with glass-like gloss, water beading, and dirt repellent protection. SLICK can be applied to all exterior surfaces, and even on damp surfaces, making it perfect for quickly topping up your vehicle's protection and shine.

Not only does SLICK bead water incredibly well, but it will also repel water from the surface, making it more difficult for dirt, mud, and other road grime to stick to the surface and allowing for easier maintenance and cleanup as well.

 Shake well before use.

  1. Thoroughly wash surface, rinse and dry.
  2. Spray SLICK over a panel to be treated.
  3. Using a clean, dry microfiber towel, spread evenly over surface.
  4. Flip the towel over or use a second towel to lightly buff away residue.
  5. Repeat for most exterior surfaces – paint, chrome, and trim.
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