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AireMedic Odor Treatment

AireMedic Odor Treatment


Have your detailers tried to remedy a bad smell in a car without success?  Do you have a car(s) that you are ready to send to the auction because it smells bad, and you’ve tried everything?

An Airemedic treatment is all you need.

Simple to use.

Only takes 5-10 minutes of actual, “hands on” time.

Designed to be used on a clean, detailed vehicle.

Takes care of problematic odors including cigarette and cigar smoke smells.

Industrial Strength

Increases Value

Main ingredient is registered with the EPA as effective against bacteria, germs and rotavirus

Eliminates the possibility of customers declining due to smell objections.

The Airemedic Treatment can also be sold in the Service Department.  A vehicle’s cabin air filter traps contaminants from entering your vehicle and combines with moisture from your air conditioning system.  This is a perfect breeding ground for mold, fungus, bacteria, and germs to be created.  This results in unhealthy interior air for you and your passengers.  A Airemedic treatment can be performed every 6 months or with every cabin air filter change.

Airemedic also offers three different strength Ozone Generators named the Ozone Doctor.  These machines are commercial grade and will “shock” the interiors of vehicles with Ozone.  The O3 molecule is aggressive, and the extra ion attaches to the odor source at the molecular level and eliminates it.

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